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Dr. Stan Waese
"Patients love that they get the texts and emails. All patients are happy with the technology advancement of the office. Being able to configure notifications for up to a week in advance is very helpful. the initial setup and training was great, but as of now we do not remember how to use it because we never have to go in and make changes!"

Software: Office Manager
User Since: May 2011
Automated Notifications Made: 36,050

Dr. Samie Thabet
"When I began using Dolphin Management I looked at a number of patient confirmation systems including Houscalls and Televox. I decided to use Orthoweb over the more established systems and have never regretted it. The program has been easy to use and is very customizable to address our patients’ needs and very importantly needs no daily attention. Unlike other programs that require daily uploads Orthoweb is fully automated and requires no attention after the initial setup. Finally, customer service has been second to none with immediate attention to any concerns we have."

Software: Dolphin Management
User Since: Apr. 2010
Automated Notifications Made: 35,534

Dr. Scott Jenkins
"It is imeasurably better than messenger, no competition. The log system has saved us many times with patients saying they did not receive notifications and we where able to prove they did. The product is very easy to use! Setup, configuration, and use is very simple and if our entire practice management system was this simple, we would all be very happy."

Software: Office Manager
User Since: Feb. 2010
Automated Notifications Made: 307,063

Dr. Michael Steinberg
"Patients love that they actually get all the calls/emails/texts and love if they miss one there will be another sent. Love the ability to configure the numbers and settings so patients can get calls and texts to any numbers they want. No complaints from patients! No problems what so ever with the setup and configuration and using the product is easier. It is something you setup once and forget about, it just works and makes our patients happy. We have used other products such as messenger and televox to contact patients, we have also dropped the other products for this one with no regrets and love it!"

Software: Office Manager
User Since: Nov. 2009
Automated Notifications Made: 103,085